Save Money With Lower Home Insurance Rates!

Save Money With Lower

Home Insurance Rates!

What can cause a home insurance claim?

Home insurance claims can be filed with coverage providers for a variety of reasons. In an effort to simplify the often complex home insurance claims process, here are several common causes of claims:

    1. Storm damage: Storm-related claims are quite common in the home insurance industry. The amount of damage that a home can sustain during a hurricane, hail storm, or heavy rain storm can be extensive and expensive. Repairs to destroyed roofs and windows can range in the hundreds, even thousands. Paying for these repairs often requires that the home insurer steps in, which is the rationale behind a claim.

    2. Water/Flood Damage: While flood damage is an obvious hazard of living in hurricane or beach areas, it can occur within any home. If your plumbing is old or neglected, a broken pipe can burst without warning ruining property and furniture. As previously stated, current and potential home owners should read the fine print to ensure that water damage is covered in their policy.

    3. Electrical/Fire Damage: Faulty wiring can have devastating consequences, especially if fire ensues. In the event of a fire, knowing the real value of your lost items is essential. Home insurers will scrutinize overestimations of personal belongings. Keep an accurate inventory of your items for a speedier home insurance claim process.

    4. Personal Liability: If your guest becomes injured on your property, you could be liable to a suit. Before you invite visitors to your home, you might want to check your liability coverage should the need for a home claim come to pass.

Again, home claims can be caused by a number of factors. That's why it is important for potential and existing policy customers to research what is covered in their plan to keep from being left financially vulnerable.